Clear Minds is a digital Swiss investment platform that handles advisory and investment processes. It’s focused on long-term investments, wide diversification, high discipline, avoidance of expensive market timing attempts, low costs, and profits instead of fees. Based on client risk tolerance and goals, Clear Minds provides portfolio proposals that can be further optimised and personalised for the user.

Advisors can also provide clients with research-based investment fund recommendations and the ability to review the portfolio every quarter and compare it to the investment goals. If there’s a meaningful mismatch, the Clear Minds team proposes the right transactions to close the gap and keep the client on track.

Patrik Hansson

Product owner of Clear Minds




Since Oct 2016


Full cycle software development


To design and build a scalable investment platform to allow customers to invest their money, receive guidance, and monitor portfolio performance, all in one place. The platform should include:

  • Portfolio Performance block with storage of monthly portfolio values
  • Enhanced security and system resilience
  • Optimised architecture, including database
  • Optimised customer journey based on user feedback
  • Implemented document import for each tradable instrument


Clear Minds

Custom Risk Profile Calculator – to determine the client's risk tolerance/the level of risk the client will accept.

Savings Goal Analyzer – to calculate the probability of the stated goal achievement based on the client’s risk profile, initial investment and saving horizon.

Clear Minds

Portfolio Proposal Generator – to generate an initial proposal for the investment portfolio based on algorithms, weights, and risk profile.

Historical Performance – to provide statistical data analysis of the investments in the client’s portfolio.

Clear Minds

Asset (investment funds) Management System – an interface for trading, integrated with Swissquote, to receive the client's account data.

User Performance – to get investment portfolio performance statistics based on the initial investment and the state of the client’s current account.

Clear Minds

Investment Funds Database – to store information about fund markets as well as additional documents and recommendations from advisors.

Investment Portfolio Healthcheck – to compare the difference between your real portfolio and savings target. It includes suggestions on how to achieve your savings target in light of the current state of your portfolio, while keeping in mind all transaction fees.

Admin Dashboard – to manage the investment fund database, users, algorithms parameters, health check templates, emails, and trading instructions.

Integration with Swissquote – to get and display the current information about the client`s account status.


We’ve created the first version of an online investment service for Swiss customers. Everyone who is interested in investing money and receiving guidance is welcomed to join.

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I would recommend Epseven for two reasons, they both have to do with professionalism. Professionalism one is from the aspect of the company as a whole. They are very, very professional. The second one is that they are very professional in the technologies they take on.

Patrik Hansson

Patrik Hansson

Product owner of Clear Minds


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