MoneyPark is a consulting agency that acts as an intermediary between private customers and banks. It uses online tools and "traditional" high-quality in-person advice to help citizens find mortgages and insurance that best suit their current financial and life situation.

MoneyPark does not have its own products, but rather provides an analysis of the various financial solutions offered by Swiss banks to help clients find the best deals.

I’m very happy with Epseven. They’re extremely open and they’re also flexible with our changing requirements. These guys provide very high-quality code.

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Benjamin Tacquet

CTO of Moneypark




Since Jan 2012


Full cycle software development


To develop an independent financial advice platform that provides comprehensive analysis of financial products in Switzerland to find the ones that best meet customers’ needs.



During the project, we’ve developed and continue to maintain 6 web platforms:

Public Website

A website that provides all the information about the Moneypark company, its products, services and offers; it includes landing pages where customers can try the Moneypark tool, enter data, see basic calculation results and an overview of their affordability situation.

Also, the customer can go through the complete process of finding a mortgage provider online and even sign a contract with the bank (if the option is supported by the bank chosen).


A web platform for communication between customer and advisor, data input, and complex calculations.

Main CRM

A CRM system to manage all data internally.


A web platform for communication with banks used to send specific requests and receive answers.



A CRM system for communication between Moneypark and Finance Park partners.

Finance Park

A web platform for companies that want to provide the same service as Moneypark by using its technologies.

And two mobile applications

To support part of functionalities on phones and tablets

Android and iOS Mobile apps

Mainly used to make a direct call or send a message to MoneyPark, receive a general info, and order a personal meeting with the consultant.


We developed and implemented

Real estate property evaluation interface

  • Complex logic and business rules elaboration for processing numerous input parameters.
  • Google Map integration.
  • Support for property evaluation systems (WUP, IAZI).

Customer information section

Multiple types of personal and financial data:

  • General info.
  • Income before and after retirement.
  • Assets (savings, real estate, securities, etc.).
  • Pension data.

Strategy and product selection interface

Calculations are based on all the data collected from customers and providers. Integration with banks API enables the provision of up-to-date provider data and the possibility of signing a contract on the spot (if supported by the bank).

As a result, we receive a list of providers and information about rates, affordability, and other metrics. It also includes tips for clients to help them match to specific bank criteria.

Financial analysis:

Renegotiation and Loan affordability calculator. Complicated calculation algorithms based on the customer's data and property.

Planning of the future meetings

Based on MoneyPark's own custom Calendar application and Document Management System.

Connection with banks for product approval

Mechanisms for exchanging information with banks, based on Partner Cooperation Platform, allows banks to:

  • Review particular requests for the products potentially available to individual clients.
  • Approve or decline an offer.
  • Change rates or conditions for a particular offer.
  • Add comments and propose additional actions for clients.

Calendar application

  • Tasks.
  • Calls.
  • Meetings.
  • Consultants' schedule.
  • Room reservation.
  • Integration with MS Outlook Interface allowing MS Outlook to use the Calendar's data.

Dynamic Discount Rules Engine

The Dynamic Discount Rules Engine is the engine that allows MoneyPark experts to create specific formulas in the admin panel to use in meetings for discount calculations.


Document management system

  • Support for documentation versioning.
  • PDF tools.
  • A configuration of multiple doc packages within the CRM.

Email engine

  • Automatic email alerts on system actions (fully configured within CRM).
  • Wide possibilities for email configuration within the CRM.


Since its establishment in 2012, MoneyPark has cemented its position as the biggest mortgage broker in the Swiss market with a unique business model as a technology-based and independent intermediary.

  • #1

    Mortgage Brocker

    #1 Mortgage broker in the Swiss market

  • Helvetia Patria

    Acquired by Helvetia

    Was acquired for CHF 107 million by international insurance group Helvetia in December 2016

  • DL

    Acquired the DL company

    Acquired the DL company to cover both German and French-speaking parts of Switzerland

  • MoneyPark

    Successful Startup

    The most successful Fintech startup in Swiss history

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Technologies & Integrations

To create a financial application we used

I’m very happy with Epseven. They’re extremely open and they’re also flexible with our changing requirements. Epseven are sharp, very fast in understanding our often most challenging ideas from our world of finance and manage to bring them to life with relentless speed.

Benjamin Tacquet

Benjamin Tacquet

CTO of Moneypark


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