Taxofon is the complete web and mobile-based solution for building and running a taxi service company from scratch.

The platform covers all the modern features needed for passengers, drivers, and managers.

Epseven are good at hiring the right people for the project.

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Alex Evtehov

Project Manager of Taxofon




Mar 2014 – Sep 2016


Full cycle web development


To design and develop the complete taxi solution, from idea to a working product with rich functionality.


Fully functional taxi service, operating in Kyiv; publicly available web and mobile applications for passengers, drivers, and managers.

User Features


  • Sign in via SMS, with or without registration.
  • Profile management.
  • Start and end location pins.
  • Plan a ride with several locations.
  • Driver's profile checker.
  • Various class cab selector.
  • Real-time cab location tracking.
  • Cab arrival tracker and notifications.
  • Payment methods: card and cash.
  • Ride cancel.
  • Feedback.
  • Rides history.
  • Incentive and bonus programs.


  • Driver’s profile manager.
  • Additional cab services menu: bulk luggage, air conditioner, etc.
  • Payments: to receive payments and pay a commission fee.
  • Automatic order pick-up by filters (distance, cost of a ride, etc.).
  • Order info (destinations, cost, etc.).
  • Detailed statistics (rides, routes, payments, distances).


  • Drivers & orders management tool.
  • Statistic reports.
  • Corporate clients feature.
  • Detailed log of all system events.
  • Rates and additional services management tool.

Technical Features

Distributed back-end solution with 2 nodes to improve speed, resilience, and scalability.

Integration with payment systems: use LiqPay and Way4Pay for immediate transactions, visible for passengers and drivers.

Real-time GPS tracking: for passengers (available and approaching cabs, en route info) and for drivers (pick-up and drop-off locations, routes on map, etc.).

Mileage storage: keep kilometer count for drivers and passengers to be later used for bonus calculations.

Real-time rates adjustment, depending on the stored mileage for passengers.

Push notifications.

Technologies & Integrations

Web & mobile app development for taxi required

Epseven showed strong technical skills and a fluid, capable project management style. They were able to handle each stage of the project, from implementation to quality assurance.


Alex Evtehov

Project Manager of Taxofon


Read independent verified review on

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