Our focus

What are the core features of online real estate solutions?

Strong digital products are the result of clearly defined business goals, an understanding of target markets specifics, and flawless technical execution. We’ve helped clients in several markets across the globe and defined some crucial features that will make any real estate product truly great:

  • Advanced tools for property searches, filtering, management, and price tracking
  • Personalization algorithms that create suggestions for users based on their search history
  • Several types of calculators, including mortgage, affordability, and ‘rent vs buy’ ones
  • Comprehensive tenant and contract management tools
  • Easy-to-use solutions for data analysis and reporting
  • Real Estate Marketplaces
  • Real Estate Lending
  • Residential Property Management
  • Commercial Property Management
  • We design solutions that are fast, intuitive, and provide a wide range of functionality to realtors, renters, and homeowners.

    We focus on:

  • We create lending products that reduce the time and effort needed to obtain a mortgage.

    We’ve developed and implemented:

  • We help create management solutions that make it easier for homeowners and renters to communicate, maintain properties, and conduct financial transactions.

  • We help commercial property owners and renters simplify their financial processes, analytics, and reporting so they can manage their real estate holdings more efficiently.

Epseven in numbers

Why build products with us?

  • 8

    years of experience building real estate and real estate-related fintech products

  • $450mln

    our clients raised in funding

  • 4

    markets we’ve built real estate apps for

  • 4.8

    Clutch rating with more than 36 reviews

Your Technical Partner

How we help businesses

  • We conduct a strong pre-development business analysis stage that ensures your future product will fit the market

  • We build an MVP quickly and shape it into a fully-fledged product

  • We provide life-long product support

  • We have experience in complying with industry and governmental regulations

Our Case Studies

We build solutions that meet market demands

  • MoneyPark

    MoneyPark is the first independent provider of personalized financial advice on mortgage and insurance products in Switzerland.

    Switzerland View case study
  • Scoperty

    Scoperty is a platform that allows to observe, filter, evaluate, purchase and sell property in Germany.

    Germany View case study
  • Qweeqwee

    Qweeqwee is an app that enables users to list and find properties to rent and purchase in Qatar.

    Qatar View case study
  • Timedom

    Timedom is an apartment booking platform focused on daily rents and providing smooth user experience.

    Ukraine View case study


We’ve successfully integrated solutions with

Our Approach

Our real estate app development principles

Building a strong product with a perfectly working set of features is not enough. We pay special attention to pre-development business analysis and requirements testing to ensure we get the most out of our development process. We also focus on several crucial constituents of a strong real estate product:

  • A high-load search engine with advanced filtering capabilities that displays search results on a map
  • Separate user interfaces with intuitive navigation and wide functionality for renters or buyers, property owners, and realtors
  • Smooth integration of third-party services, including governmental ones

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