Our focus

What we concentrate on when building transportation solutions

We create transportation software based on exact business needs, and always keep in mind the target location, audience specifics, scaling potential, and the implementation of new features. Outside of project-specific things, we focus on five core components strong transportation software:

  • Intuitive and fast applications for web and mobile platforms that can handle large amounts of data
  • Comprehensive tools for route optimization that provide traffic situation tracking and time estimates
  • Advanced tools for scheduling and orders management for drivers, administrators, and customers
  • Wide personalization capabilities that ensure optimal user experiences
  • A payment processor that enables for fare splitting and multiple payment options
  • Food Delivery Solutions
  • Taxi Applications
  • Ride-Sharing Apps
  • Logistics Software
  • We build intuitive food delivery solutions that provide couriers and administrators with wide functionalities for order and customer management.

    When creating such software for web and mobile platforms, we focus on:

  • We design taxi solutions that are fast and easy-to-use, are ready for further scaling, and ensure high data security. When building taxi applications, we always keep in mind the specifics of the target market and create software that best aligns with it.

    We focus on features including:

  • We create applications for ride-sharing that meet target market specifics and provide a great user experience.

    As a development team that experienced in creating products for the transportation industry, we concentrate on several core features:

  • We build logistics applications that can handle the full range of logistic company activities.

    We define product features based on business needs, but always keep in mind several core features:

Your Technical Partner

How our team can help you

  • We’re able to rapidly build an MVP, transform it into a fully fledged product, help with scaling, and support it for as long as you need

  • We have cross-domain expertise in several markets around the world

  • We help with business analysis and can assume the CTO and Product Owner roles

  • Our team consists of more than 70 experienced developers who can tackle projects of almost any size

Epseven in numbers

Why choose our expertise?

  • 11+

    years of experience building products for world-leading markets

  • TOP-5

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    of our clients are ready to recommend us

  • $450mln

    our clients raised in funding

Taxi & Transportation cases

We help our clients grow with efficient transportation & logistics app development

  • Azyan Delivery

    A multiplatform app that connects restaurants with delivery service providers in Jordan. Epseven engineers built a user-side web app and a driver-facing cross-platform mobile app from scratch. Read more about the project.

    Jordan View case study
    AzyanAzyan Delivery
  • Taxofon

    Taxi software development for an innovative transportation platform. Rich in features for web and mobile apps including real-time GPS tracking, dynamic pricing and integration with payment systems. Here’s how the passenger and driver apps were built.

    Ukraine View case study


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Our Approach

Our transportation app development must-haves

As an experienced development team, we are familiar with risks and uncertainties that most companies encounter. To help our clients succeed, we conduct a strong discovery phase and help find a market fit, build products that leave room for scaling, and ensure high security. Specific requirements may vary depending on the project, but our core principles always remain the same:

  • Use the intuitive web and mobile app design that meets target markets specifics
  • Provide real-time traffic information on a live map
  • Give precise time and expense estimates
  • Build a clear architecture that enables easy scaling and new feature implementation

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