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Why building software with React Native is a hit

Faster and cheaper cross-platform development

React Native development services cost less because the code can be reused, which allows reducing development time by up to 40% compared to native Android/iOS app projects.

Hot niches like food delivery require a lot of things to happen in a short time, but the React Native module system makes it all possible. For our Jordanian client, Azyan, we created a web app for users and driver apps for Android and iOS using React Native. It allowed Azyan to start growing its audience sooner.


Flexible UI/UX meeting any project requirements

The framework has a huge API library to create cross-platform applications for any purpose. With React Native, an app development company can offer more UI/UX options.

StoryTold’s goal is to improve parent-child relationships, so we created two interfaces for two types of audience. React Native software development allowed us to integrate readability services with the self-written parser and set up the app for comfort telling, improving and reading the stories from both sides.


Smooth adaptation to most changes

App development is about creating stable software that evolves with new trends, and the React Native framework enables this through frequent updates. When using React Native, a development company will always have a reliable tool it can use to create products that are both stable and flexible.

React Native is especially useful for business applications. While developing the app for the Everad partner network, we used React Native to make it durable enough to withstand changes in AppStore and PlayMarket requirements, as the framework’s updates are always timely.

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Our work, in the words of our clients

  • Joel Perrenoud

    MD and Board Member of PADI Travel


    We've received some very positive feedback both from our investors and from our users. Clean code, fluid and intuitive usability, and very contemporary. It was actually kind of a challenge to queue up enough work for them.

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  • Dr. Stefan Heitmann

    CEO & Co-founder of Moneypark


    Epseven not only delivers top-notch performance in programming but - thanks to a great team of smart minds – Epseven are also a most valuable business partner for us.

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  • Brent Berg

    Vice President of Application Development of Kwikee

    United States

    The tools that Epseven works with and provided us access to, were actually quite good. The work that they produced when they produced it was fine. I believe that they produce quality work.

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Our tech stack

Every product we create is built with love, experience, and right tech stack

  • JS
  • React
  • React Navigation
  • Redux
  • RxJS
  • Redux Form
  • Firebase
  • Babel
  • Webpack
  • Jest
  • ESlint

Technical solutions

Boost development with React Native


Than building native apps


By 30-50%


UI/UX setup


To trends and changes


With third-party plugins

Why Epseven?

We are full-cycle solution providers with a business approach

  • Our clients disrupt their industries

    We’ve been working on a number of projects in the transportation, finance, travel and other industries, from start-ups to market leaders.

  • We share your responsibility

    Epseven believes in the power of communication. We plan, work, and make decisions together with our clients and never hesitate to propose better options for product development.

  • The product is not the end

    Some projects need support after the product is developed, and we’re ready to provide our clients with all technical help they need, for as long as they need it.

  • Broad technical competence

    If React Native isn’t enough to meet the needs of your project, consider taking advantage of our Python & Django skills. We are able to create practically anything with it!

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Insights, case studies, success stories and professional discoveries

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