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What our digital transformation services bring to the table

Our digital transformation activities focus on achieving and expanding business goals, not just digitizing existing products and services. We’re about turning business processes into well-established, user-centric, data-driven systems that are predictable and easily scalable. We focus on creating:

  • A positive customer experience based on deep audience analysis, journey optimization, and wide personalization capabilities
  • Transparent operations that provide clear and high-quality data for future analysis and make it easier and faster for team members to get the job done
  • Data-driven processes and decision-making tools that ensure our clients can hit the market with better product features and solutions
  • Routine automation that saves team members effort and time during complicated and high-level tasks


What do we implement?

  • Processing tools for large data sets
  • Cloud-based data storage
  • Performance management tools
  • High data security
  • Analytics & reporting instruments
  • Process automation
  • Third-party integrations


We can solve any problem that stands in your way to a strong digital product

  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Data Science
  • DevOps
  • Quality Assurance
  • Web Development Web Development
    Web Development

    From lightweight MVPs to complex web products, we make your idea real, taking all the technical worries off your shoulders.

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  • Mobile App Development Mobile App Development

    Mobile App Development

    Using up-to-date technologies, we build mobile apps from scratch, support and update them as long as you need.

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  • UX/UI Design UX/UI Design

    UX/UI Design

    Deep UX research, human-centered solutions and scalable interfaces are in the core of our design team.

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  • Data Science Data Science

    Data Science

    Data architecture, AI, data-driven marketing, big data or machine learning solutions - how are you going to grow your business?

  • DevOps DevOps


    We implement DevOps as a culture on every step of the development process to provide you with top-notch quality of a product and technical partnership in general.

  • Quality Assurance Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    Ensuring quality of your product will save your money and make your users happy, and all of that will be done by our QA engineers.

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Our case studies

We help businesses around the world build digital products

  • Molo

    The UK’s first online mortgage lender helps users get mortgages in a much easier and faster way. Molo has reconfigured the lending process to help people save time and money.

    United Kingdom View case study
  • Clear Minds

    A Swiss platform that focuses on long-term investments and provides clients with portfolio proposals that match their investment goals. ClearMinds combines online and offline advice to provide the best results for users.

    Switzerland View case study
    Clear MindsClear Minds
  • Scoperty

    A German platform that connects realtors, sellers, and buyers and provides them with dynamic price suggestions, even for properties that currently are not for sale.

    Germany View case study

Our Approach

Why choose our expertise?

Digital transformation is a complicated and challenging process that requires a clear understanding of goals, product features, and business specifics. We’ve gone through this process together with our clients, and know how to mitigate the risks that often emerge during the transformation. As an experienced partner, we can:

  • Cover the remote CTO and Product Owner roles
  • Help with business analysis
  • Create a clear, easily scalable architecture
  • Integrate third-party vendor services

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